What can education technology startups do to ensure that their products are implemented in classrooms? In this podcast, Hannah Nyren from EdTech Times explores this topic with Jason Palmer from New Markets Venture Partners.

A day prior to the recording of this podcast, Jason was a speaker at the LearnLaunch Investor Summit. He and Hannah discuss the themes he covered during his presentation. Jason describes the importance for entrepreneurs to connect with teachers, principals and other administrators in school systems, and understand the issues facing them. He recommends partnering with an established organization that has experience with customers, and can introduce a startup to prospective school systems.

So, what is the best approach to establishing a partnership with these larger companies? Check out the podcast to learn more.

Building Products That Deliver: Jason Palmer of New Markets Venture Partners Shares Advice for EdTech Startups

In both higher ed and k-12 markets, edtech entrepreneurs typically have one major goal: getting their product into classrooms. A great idea and a beautiful piece of code are one thing, but finding people to actually use it is naturally the end game. Listen in to our interview from last October’s LearnLaunch Investor Summit, to find out what Jason has to say about choosing partnerships wisely, and developing a proven product that brings value to the classroom.