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American Honors

American Honors College is a selective two-year honors college focused on preparing and enrolling talented students in four year universities. AHC will operate as a public private partnership with leading community colleges to grow community college honors programs. American Honors College is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and was founded in 2011.

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Quad Learning Raises $10M to Expand Affordable Pathways to College

Quad Learning announces $10M in Series B funding to expand its community college-based program that leverages the “2+2” model to help students earn a top bachelor’s degree at a fraction of the cost. In collaboration [...]

27 Colleges and Universities Join National Transfer Network for Community College Students

Today, twenty-seven public and private colleges and universities announced their participation in the first national network of two- and four-year academic institutions, designed to provide high potential community college students with the chance to transfer [...]

Amid Rising Costs of Higher Education, American Honors College Delivers Great Value

Citing recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, American Honors College's Colleen Sparda writes, "[The rising cost of higher education]... is an issue that is fundamentally changing the way families are [...]

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