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New Markets Venture Partners pursues investments with:

  • Management teams with a track record of success
  • Sustainable competitive advantages
  • Disruptive technologies
  • High gross margins and scalable business models
  • Large market opportunities
  • Strong value proposition with large return on investment to customers
  • Companies that have referenceable customers and proven solutions
  • Positive outcome data
  • Capital efficient operations
  • Credible exit alternatives

These are the key questions we ask of entrepreneurs seeking funding:

  • Is there a technological problem or bottleneck that you have solved?
  • What do you do/make? Describe the key product(s) and its features.
  • What is the history of your Company?
  • Provide a list of your key accomplishments.
  • List the Management track record including successes, broadly defined.
  • Describe any important and exceptional skills that the team possesses. Describe the level of industry knowledge and contacts.
  • What is your business model? How do you make money?
  • What are your specific near and medium term milestones? What is the timing and cost to achieve them?
  • Describe in detail your intellectual property?
  • How many man hours went into developing your technology? How much time and money?
  • What are the specific barriers to entry? How long/how much money would it take a large competitor to recreate the technology?
  • What are your competitive advantages over the competition? What specific product feature addresses the greatest customer need?
  • Describe an existing customer. What pain are you solving for them? How large is the problem? What is your value proposition? What is the customer’s ROI?
  • Who is the customer (job title)? Do they have budgetary control? Who else is involved in the buying decision?
  • What are customers currently using that competes with your product?
  • What is the bottom-up size of your most narrowly defined addressable market?
  • List all existing customers and a pipeline of potential customers with current status.
  • What is the size of your target total available market (top down)?
  • What is your distribution strategy?
  • What are your immediately adjacent markets?
  • Who are your strategic partners and what is your exact relationship with them?
  • Who are the buyers of your business? What similar companies have they bought and at what price?
  • Show financial projections and detail key drivers/assumptions.
  • What are your historical and projected revenues by product and customer?
  • What is your funding history? Include a cap table.