Regain control of video evidence; The Toronto Police Service integrated a video evidence management system with MediaSolv

Law enforcement publication covers MediaSolv’s solution for the Toronto Police Service:

“54,000 videos per year. The Toronto Police Service (TPS) has historically processed this many incoming and outgoing videos annually. Some simple math says that five years would create 270,000 videos, 25 years makes roughly 1.35 million videos…

… With treading the waters of the digital world, Toronto then needed to integrate software to manage the files – one cannot put a physical bar code sticker onto a digital MPEG file. MediaSolv, a video and media management company previously of TranTech worked with TPS to bring all video assets into the MediaSolv application to be able to manage them in a case level. It’s common, according to the company, that law enforcement can have many different asset types in a number of stove pipe systems. Jim Weaver, President and CEO of the MediaSolv Solutions Corporation explains that the company has two primary products. First is a video information management application, allowing them to go in and set up cameras and microphones in interview or interrogation rooms for example. Second is the MediaSolv product, the media integrated digital evidence management system (IDEM).”

To read the full story, go to: “Regain Control of Video Evidence.”

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