APDS in EdSurge: In DC, Teachers Run the Jail. It’s Turning Inmates Into Students.

New Markets’ portfolio company APDS is featured in this EdSurge story on adult learning for incarcerated people in Washington DC’s Central Detention Facility. APDS provides turnkey infrastructure, monitored mobile devices, and secure delivery of best-in-class services to:

  • Improve prison safety for corrections personnel and inmates
  • Deliver significant cost savings to prison administrators and, ultimately, taxpayers
  • Reduce recidivism via education and job training
  • Build inmate-family relationships via secure, monitored communications

From the article:

“The tablet system allows jail educators to track the progress that individual inmates are making in their skills and classes. APDS is collecting data from multiple facilities where its tablets are used to assess what’s working. In one jurisdiction, the company’s program helped increase GED pass rates by 57 percent, says Arti Finn, APDS co-founder.”

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