New “Better Money, Better World” Podcast Examines the People and Ideas Behind Impact Investing

Impact Capital Managers’ new podcast talks with the investors, companies, and thinkers who are shaping the future of mission-driven investment

The new podcast “Better Money, Better World,” now available through Apple Podcasts, provides a unique look into the fast-growing world of impact investing.

On the inaugural episode, New Markets’ Jason Palmer and Mark Grovic discuss with host Daniel Pianko seeking alpha by finding education and training investments in rise of the rest cities. Each of New Markets last three funds has achieved top quartile performance by driving education gains that will bridge the economic divide of the haves and have nots in America.

The podcast is produced by Impact Capital Managers (ICM), a group of investors working at the intersection of venture capital and social good who collectively manage more than $12 billion, and have backed companies ranging from Tesla to Coursera to Vital Farms.

“This is the first podcast that truly taps into the mindset and strategy of the investors that have actually proven out that you can generate returns and have impact,” said Nancy Pfund, co-founder of DBL Partners, which has backed Tesla, SpaceX, and The Muse. “On this podcast, listeners will learn firsthand from the investors that are proving impact does not mean a haircut on returns. They will hear how investors are moving the needle and making a difference for people and planet. Daniel and his guests will tell stories from the intersection of impact and financial return every week, describing the ups and downs that they navigate and how they win.”

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, impact investing was among the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. market, reaching $715 billion as of the end of 2019. Now, against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic and the United States’ reckoning with systemic racism, investors are continuing to respond to an increasingly urgent need to address pressing social challenges and accelerate an equitable economic recovery.

Hosted by impact investing expert Daniel Pianko, “Better Money, Better World” will explore the stories of ICM members and their limited partners — and the companies they are scaling with the ultimate aim of building a better world. Each weekly episode will feature guests, including impact fund managers, general partners, and other impact investing innovators, sharing their own unique investment stories, strategies and perspectives. Over the next seven weeks, the podcast will welcome its first guests, including Stephen DeBerry of Bronze Investments; Jenny Abrams and Heidi Patel of Rethink Impact; and Jason Palmer and Mark Grovic of New Markets Venture Partners.

“As the popularity of impact investing grows, so do questions about how it actually works in practice — and whether it’s possible to generate leading returns while also driving positive social outcomes. ICM and its members are at the forefront of this revolution,” said Marieke Spence, Executive Director of Impact Capital Managers. “Our goal is to share an insiders’ look at the world of impact investing to provide investors, limited partners, and curious listeners from Wall Street to Main Street with a clearer understanding of this increasingly important part of the financial ecosystem.”

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