Noodle Will Launch a University Partnership Platform

IBL News | New York

August 17, 2021

New York-based, John Katzman-created OPM (Online Program Manager), Noodle, announced last week an online platform intended for universities interested in the lifelong learning market. Columbia Business SchoolUniversity of Michigan, and Case Western Reserve University have already have signed on as partners. 

“Noodle’s platform puts university brands front and center, and provides learners with a better experience from start to completion,” said Noodle CEO and Founder John Katzman.

Scheduled for early 2022, the platform has been developed in partnership with (Desire to Learn LMS), AstrumU, and other providers.

“Unlike other platforms that take 50-65% of revenues from universities, Noodle’s platform asks for only 15-35%,” added Katzman.

The platform provides AI-powered recommendations, microsites, teaching assistants, and counselors, as well as collaboration tools like chat/video messenger and group newsreels. It also allows schools to share their own content and those of other universities.

“The chances that everything you’ve learned by age 21 will take you through retirement are increasingly slim,”said Nikhil Sinha, an advisor to Noodle.




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