San Francisco, CA, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mursion, the industry leader in immersive simulated training for essential workplace skills, is pleased to announce its partnership with Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE), a leading healthcare workforce development company that provides online programs and workforce development solutions made with healthcare industry professionals, for healthcare industry professionals.

This close collaboration will allow DHGE’s learners to practice their social effectiveness via a series of scenarios co-developed by Mursion and DHGE. Mursion’s authentic, immersive learning experiences harness the best in artificial and human intelligence to include high-impact, high-quality, emotionally intelligent simulations that will allow DHGE students to practice essential skills including effective communication, adept problem solving and enhanced adaptability when facing various high-stakes situations. For the first time, Mursion’s scenarios will be integrated into a complete learning pathway for healthcare. Thereby, the partnership seeks to improve the healthcare workforce as a whole.

“So much patient dissatisfaction and potential medical errors are due to miscommunication,” said Julie DeLoia, Chief Academic Officer of DHGE. “How do we train individuals to hone in on their communication skills and be good practitioners in a safe and kind way? Mursion can play a key role in helping learners reach professional excellence.”

Added DHGE Chief Learning Experience Officer Kurt Hayes, “I’ve been following Mursion’s progress, and I saw that this is the future of soft-skills training. The combination of our educational approaches doesn’t exist for healthcare — healthcare organizations now have immediate access to some very powerful, scalable learning solutions for their entire workforce.”

This partnership complements DHGE’s mission to deliver scalable, transformational learning experiences that facilitate true knowledge retention and results. True to DHGE’s approach of student-centric program development, scenarios are currently being developed for a test group of healthcare professionals within its Certificate in Healthcare Leadership program with Duke Corporate Education. Scenario topics include top workplace skills and challenges learners face today, like communicating performance feedback, building influence and buy-in, and coaching direct reports through workplace conflict. Using their feedback, the partners will co-develop more custom scenarios for the remainder of DHGE’s program catalog.

“Using avatars creates a sense of privacy and authenticity for the learner,” said Mursion CEO Mark Atkinson. “Once an individual gets over the initial discomfort, they get to lean into the situation. Thanks to practice and feedback, when they encounter a similar situation in real life, they will know how to react instead of triggering a fight-or-flight response. It’s all about applicable scenarios to maximize learning. We not only want you to love to learn, but also to love to learn, practice, and then apply those skills intentionally.”

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