Instead Of Falling For Charming, Smooth Talking Characters, Interviewers Can Make Smarter Hiring Decisions By Matching Verified Credentialed Candidates With The Perfect Jobs

Job hunters, human resources, recruiters and hiring managers constantly complain that the interview and hiring process is ‘broken.’ They cite a litany of issues including interviews that last up to six months, and applicants ordered to meet with three to ten people at the company.

You’ll be treated rudely, there will be long periods of time when you don’t receive any communication or feedback from the company—and then you realize you’ve been ghosted. There’s the lingering feeling that maybe you weren’t offered the job because of your age, race, religion or other non-relevant subjective criteria. You’re left thinking there must be a better and fairer way to get a job.

If you have charisma and are a smooth, confident conversationalist, the chances of getting the job is higher than a person who possesses all the requisite skills but isn’t comfortable selling herself. Fortunately, there is now a more appropriate data-driven, facts-based platform to solve this problem.

Jonathan Finkelstein is the CEO of Credly, the leading provider of digital credentials. He created the biggest talent network built on verified digital credentials which recognizes a job hunter’s skills, accomplishments and certifications.

Credly, headquartered in New York City, offers an employee or job seeker a ‘digital badge’ based upon the completion of a program. Instead of being judged by your looks and charm, you’re viewed by hard data and facts. The way it works is that people take coursework from a wide array of sources. Credly is the stamp of approval indicating that a person possesses all the necessary skills, tools, experience and background for a certain type of  job.

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