PresenceLearning Partners with Hasbro to Bring Beloved Characters and Classic Games to the PresenceLearning Therapy Platform

Potato Head, Candy Land, and Clue Jr. to help engage students during online therapy

PresenceLearning, the leading provider of online therapy solutions for schools and clinicians, has partnered with Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, to bring some of the most-beloved characters and classic games to the PresenceLearning therapy platform.

Through this partnership, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral and mental health professionals will be able to use PresenceLearning’s exclusive digital adaptations of Potato Head, Candy Land, and Clue Jr. with students during online therapy sessions conducted on the company’s award-winning therapy platform. PresenceLearning has modified the traditional games to facilitate cooperative play, problem-solving skills, and visual perception skills. With the addition of Hasbro properties, the company continues to invest in building a content library that can help personalize each student’s therapy session.

“Our partnership with Hasbro is part of a broader initiative to offer a next-generation therapy platform that helps providers deliver fun, engaging and effective therapy sessions,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning. “We’re excited for the potential to create more dynamic therapy experiences by incorporating these iconic characters and games into therapy activities. When children carry over content experiences from their therapy sessions into their play at home, it helps them to make connections and practice skills that can support their progress.”

PresenceLearning, long at the forefront of innovation in the online delivery of special education and behavior and mental health services, is positioned to bring Hasbro characters and games to students in an online environment. The company’s platform is the only one on the market today that features this suite of Hasbro characters. The platform also features a full range of other licensed games, activities, and worksheets, as well as an interactive whiteboard and mouse controls to help redirect or refocus students’ attention during therapy sessions.

The first Hasbro game to be developed allows clinicians to engage students with a 2D version of Potato Head. Using a variety of backgrounds—from farm to classroom to beach scenes—and Potato Head parts and accessories, therapists engage students as they work to address a variety of therapy goals.

With Clue Jr., the fun and motivating whodunit game helps children build their vocabulary and expressive language as they work on inferencing, turn taking, problem solving, and social skills. The Candy Land activity will be a twist on a classic favorite as students work together to reach the candy castle before it melts. Clinicians will be able to work with students on critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

“We’re proud to work with PresenceLearning to bring our family of brands to their platform,” said Julien McCluney, VP Global Brands – Gaming, Hasbro. “We hope our beloved, instantly recognizable characters will help children engage with the PresenceLearning platform and empower clinicians and therapists in their important work.”

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PresenceLearning, Inc. is the leading provider of therapy tools and live, online special education related services and behavioral and mental health services for schools and beyond. At the heart of the company is a purpose-built therapy platform, designed by clinicians for clinicians, that allows school teams to serve children both in and out of school. It also allows schools to extend their teams and connect each of their students with a highly skilled, licensed clinician from PresenceLearning’s national network of more than 1,500 speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral and mental health professionals. To date PresenceLearning has delivered more than 3 million therapy sessions to hundreds of schools and districts in every region of the U.S. and recently opened up its therapy platform to individual and group practices.

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