Program presents a unique offering by the Tulane School of Science & Engineering

 Tulane University’s School of Science & Engineering announced the online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), expanding the collaboration between Tulane University and Noodle, the nation’s fastest-growing online education network of universities, employers and learners. The online program is currently accepting applications for a Spring 2023 start.

The online MSCS is a distinctive graduate-level program that the Tulane School of Science & Engineering will offer. The program brings a unique focus on the themes of innovation, resilience, excellence and inclusivity not seen in other Masters programs in Computer Science. It prepares students for a wide range of technology careers based upon its personalized curriculum that allows individuals to customize their program of study.

The program is created for inspired individuals who are pursuing an advanced understanding of computer science to become leaders in their specific field. This is accomplished through a robust combination of classroom engagement and co-curricular experiences. The program permits students from all backgrounds to discover the expanding world of technology. The Tulane School of Science & Engineering is excited at the prospect of Tulane alumni enrolling.

“The collaboration between Tulane University and Noodle has enabled the university to successfully launch numerous online degree programs during the past 5 years”, said Robin Forman Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. “This new program, created by the faculty of our computer science department, path-breaking, innovative scholars and creative, dedicated teachers, will prepare Tulane students to become leaders in designing the next generation of software systems and computing solutions.”

Kimberly Foster, Ph.D, Dean of the Tulane University School of Science & Engineering, expressed her excitement in the online Master of Science in Computer Science. “This program signals a new era for the School of Science & Engineering. It allows us to reach a broader constituency as well as enable more individuals to take advantage of our extensive resources.” She added, “the opportunity to craft one’s own course of study, working with faculty members who are leaders in their field, is fantastic”.

According to Noodle’s Chief Program Officer, Stephen Green, this newest program showcases Tulane University’s commitment to increasing its online offerings and expanding its audience of potential learners. “Tulane University has strived to create degree programs that meet the needs of today’s students”, said Noodle’s Stephen Green. “Over the past 5 years, the university has worked with Noodle to launch programs in some of the world’s fastest growing sectors”, he added.

The online MSCS program expands Tulane University’s existing portfolio of online degrees offered in collaboration with Noodle, its online innovation partner. This portfolio includes the Doctor of Public Health in Leadership, Advocacy and Equity, the Master of Public Health in Community Health Sciences, the Master of Health Administration, the Master of Public Health in Disaster Management, and the Master of Science in Public Health in Industrial Hygiene.

About Tulane University School of Science & Engineering:

The Tulane University School of Science & Engineering was established in the fall of 2005. It combines the very best of a top tier research university with a strong commitment to high quality education. Our faculty, who conduct research at the forefront of their disciplines, offer outstanding degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department of Computer Science emphasizes both core computer science and its applications to related areas in the sciences and engineering, the health and social sciences, and the humanities. The goal is to train the next generation of computer scientists who work at the interface of computer science and other disciplines, and for the faculty and students to be recognized nationally and internationally for their work.

About Noodle:

Noodle was founded to make education more accessible and affordable by offering an alternative to the traditional online program management (OPM) model. A certified B corporation, Noodle partners with great universities to launch and scale online and hybrid degree programs that are high-quality, accessible and affordable.  In 2022, the company launched an employer partnerships service to help companies find, retain and maximize the performance of great employees, as well as the Noodle Learn Platform, which allows students to discover the best pathways for their career aspirations, and then upskill in a socially-engaging, expert-supported way. Follow Noodle on LinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook


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