EducationDynamics Licenses Regent SNAP To Add Rapid Financial Aid Prequalification Capabilities To Enhanced eCRUIT Solution

EducationDynamics Financial Aid Assistant enhancement is powered by Regent SNAP™—which accomplishes financial aid prequalification in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Answering questions about available financial aid in real-time can transform initial interest into actual enrollment. Our solution offers students a meaningful answer in about 15 minutes.


Regent Education, the leading provider of financial aid management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the private education market, along with EducationDynamics, a leading marketing and information services company in the higher education industry, today announced at the NACAC 2010 Conference a licensing arrangement that adds the powerful Regent’s SNAP™ (Student Need Analysis Profile) real-time financial aid prequalification application to EducationDynamics eCRUIT™ Student Relationship Management (SRM) solution.

“We’re very pleased to work with EducationDynamics in offering huge competitive advantage to their customers,” says Randy Jones, CEO of Regent Education. “In today’s marketplace, answering questions about available financial aid in real-time can transform initial interest into actual enrollment. Our solution offers students a meaningful answer in about 15 minutes or less—compared to current turnaround times of days or even weeks.”

“Cost transparency and easy financial aid prequalification is rapidly becoming a critical part of the enrollment process for universities and colleges,” said John Mathew, president of EducationDynamics Enrollment and Retention Services. “Students and parents of students now have the information they need in real-time in order to make a more informed decision about their school of choice.”

Quick SNAP Facts

  • Regent SNAP provides an actionable award assessment in minutes—in real-time.
  • Delivering real-time aid prequalification provides institutions with a tremendous first-mover competitive advantage for enrollment.
  • SNAP retains student information and can be easily customized and extended to support and streamline financial aid, admissions, enrollment and marketing operations.

For more information, about Regent SNAP or to request a demonstration, please visit, or call 800-639-0927.

About Regent
Within the for-profit and private education market, Regent offers solutions specifically designed to address the unique needs of that industry—including automated awards for academic programs with monthly or frequent starts, clock-hour, even non-term, borrower-based award years (BBAY)—quickly and effectively. Processes that took weeks now take minutes. Outsourced services can now be cost-effectively managed in-house.

Since 2005, Regent has been an industry leader in financial aid software and recognized for results-driven enrollment optimization and financial aid management solutions—solutions that are web-based, easy-to-use, and interoperate with any existing student information system. We offer software-as-a-solution tools that help private education institutions increase enrollment, improve retention, speed student processing, mitigate compliance risks and deliver bottom-line results.

eCRUIT™ is a trademark of EducationDynamics.


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