Is Your EdTech Really Effective? Insights with Bart Epstein, CEO of Brains and Motion Education

Technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives, and education is no exception. The integration of technology in classrooms has brought about significant changes, offering new opportunities and challenges for both students and educators.

In this episode of the Learning Through Technology podcast, Alex and Bob welcome Bart Epstein, CEO of Brains and Motion Education (BAM!), a leading provider of STEM, Arts, and Sports programs for students grades K-8 nationwide. Bart is also the Founder of EdTech Evidence Exchange, a company that helps educators make better-informed decisions about education technology. The genesis of EdTech Evidence Exchange stems from building national consensus on how to measure school implementation environments, building a platform to collect edtech product feedback from tens of thousands of educators, and creating a system to use philanthropy dollars to pay cash stipends to participating educators.

Join us as we discuss the crucial need for evidence-based decision-making in education. Bart shares his frustration with the lack of research in the field. We explore the challenges of gathering data, and Bart proposes solutions such as government regulation and funding, investigative journalism, and company and school pressure. Discover the role of government, companies, and educators in addressing these challenges.

Listen to podcast here

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