Aurelia Flores

Aurelia Flores joined New Markets Venture Partners in 2021 as a Venture Partner.

Prior to joining New Markets, Aurelia played a key role on corporate acquisition teams for a corporate 1000 company after graduating from Stanford Law School in the mid 90s.

She has over 20 years of experience building and supporting businesses, putting together strategic partnerships, creating business plans/models, obtaining SBA and angel/VC funding, as well as working on M&A activity when a company is ready to grow or exit.

As a business and intellectual property attorney, she helped structure deals for Angel and VC investments for more than a decade. Aurelia then worked in the mergers & acquisition space, first at a big law firm, and later at SAIC (which became Leidos) as Assistant General Counsel.

She also co-founded a digital marketing agency, the Athena Digital Media Group, combining her knowledge of marketing and business helping high growth clients to scale and grow.

Aurelia was also involved in co-founding and growing la Escuela Popular Norteña (EPN), a popular education center focused on U.S. Latinos, for 15 years.

Aurelia became a Member of the Pipeline Angels network of women and non-binary femme investors in 2016, and in 2019 helped to co-found Citrine Angels, an angel group of women investing in women.  Aurelia is also co-host of the Get Found Get Funded podcast.

Aurelia Flores

Senior Consultant


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