Datapeople works with talent teams around the world to make hiring more efficient and fair for everyone.

Recruiting has historically been powered by gut, intuition, and tradition. Many teams such as marketing and sales now rely on powerful analytics tools to help them do their jobs better, but recruiting has been underserved. Everything from sourcing, resume sorting, interviewing, and job description writing can benefit from more analytical rigor to help teams understand what actually works.

The company goal is to give organizations the information they need to make hiring more efficient and fair for everyone. They do this by providing recruiting teams and hiring managers with the first recruiting analytics platform that organizes and augments their recruiting data.

Datapeople helps companies improve key parts of their hiring process, from the job description candidates first see to the reports they use to measure recruiting activity and results.

New Markets Team Members:

Robb Doub

Co-Founder and General Partner

Juan Zavala






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