Citing recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, American Honors College’s Colleen Sparda writes, “

[The rising cost of higher education]… is an issue that is fundamentally changing the way families are thinking about college today. Higher costs are making the stakes so much higher – which makes the decision much more difficult, and the fear of making the “wrong” decision is on the minds of many.”

American Honors is a selective, two-year program for students seeking a high-quality education at an excellent value. In collaboration with the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS), American Honors provides an honors education that includes CCS faculty, like-minded honors peers, small class sizes, an innovative online learning platform, and personalized student advising. The company’s program helps students transition successfully to a four-year university of their choice, and works with students to help ensure that their credits transfer. American Honors is building a national network of community colleges and four-year transfer universities to offer students broader opportunities and create a high quality learning experience.