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About New Markets

Invest. Serve. Grow.

New Markets Venture Partners is a leading, growth-stage, double bottom-line investor that scales transformative technology companies that improve education and workforce outcomes, resulting in superior financial returns.

New Markets is led by a veteran investment team with a 30-year track record of outperformance.

As one of the pioneers and leading education and workforce technology investors in North America, we maintain deep relationships with states, districts, universities, large employers, co-investors, buyers, and workforce organizations that enable us to provide exceptional value to all of our stakeholders.

We believe that growth is driven by:


Visionary entrepreneurs and mission-driven companies can address big social problems.

Evidence-Based Solutions

Research-based, evidence-driven solutions yield superior double-bottom line performance.


Innovative technologies and business models can deliver impact, topline growth, and profitability.


Scale is best achieved by highly collaborative leadership teams following best practices.


The best formula for success is KPI-driven leadership teams supported by an experienced board and investors who help with strategic partnerships, capital relationships and strategy advice needed to drive healthy growth.


Capital efficient growth improves liquidity options and successful outcomes, and reduces failure risk over long-term growth cycles.

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What Our Companies Say


Bridging the Gap from Education to Employment

We look for growth-stage impact investments with demonstrated efficacy addressing critical gaps in the education and labor markets. 


We work collaboratively with entrepreneurs, strategic partners, educational institutions, and co-investors to source the best portfolio companies. We engage a national network of education, employment, and workforce thought leaders.


We embrace the philosophy of “servant leadership” and pledge to add value before, during, and after the investment process.


We believe in structuring a fair transaction with all contingencies documented up-front, properly capitalizing investments, and aligning resources to achieve the most advantageous outcome for all.


We are true partners with our portfolio companies – we roll up our sleeves and work together to help commercialize and scale efficacy.

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