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Our Commitment to Impact

Impact Is at the Core of Our Investing

The New Markets team has been investing in innovative technology-enabled, mission-driven companies driving sustainable social impact since our work with pioneers in the Socially Responsible Investor movement of the 1990’s.

Founded in 2002 by Mark Grovic and Robb Doub, New Markets Venture Partners has grown to become one of the leading impact-focused venture capital investors across the education/workforce continuum.

We help entrepreneurs form deep partnerships with districts, colleges, and employers to measurably improve economic mobility for millions of Americans, especially for those most in need, including low-income, minority, and underserved workers and students.

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Successfully driving positive social impact requires different types of capital at each stage of the lifecycle.  We work within a larger ecosystem connecting entrepreneurs to a broad range of like-minded non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations, and building sustainable public-private partnerships. 

We provide those committed to impact investing the opportunity to pair capital with the innovative mission-driven, for-profit companies that are best positioned to create and scale highly effective tech-enabled solutions by relying on market fundamentals. This can be alongside of, and complement, grant funding.

Addressing Gaps in Education and Labor Markets

New Markets investment approach is focused on improving outcomes at critical loss points within the education-to-workforce system. 

Our team has a track record of investing in mission-driven companies that improve student outcomes, high school graduation rates, postsecondary success, and economic advancement that lead to good quality jobs and livable wages. 

By investing in evidence-based, efficacious solutions that help people achieve critical life milestones, New Markets measurably improves economic mobility for millions of Americans.

Our Investing Strategy

The below illustrates how our investing strategy addresses critical stages in the education to employment journey.

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