Utah Selects Think Through Math as Instructional Software for Grades 6-8

Think Through Math (TTM), the only solution that combines fully adaptive instruction with access to live, Utah Core Standards-trained tutors,  is now eligible for purchase for the 2014-2015 school year. The STEM Action Center and the Utah State Office of Education previously announced the availability of $8.5 million dollars for schools to implement math digital learning technologies.

Think Through Math has been recognized for its excellence in serving state-wide contracts, and is the leader in serving state efforts; the company has won more state rfps than any other company.  Currently TTM serves the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho, all of whom have renewed Think Through Math in some cases for many years.

After a rigorous RFP evaluation process, multi-month classroom pilots, and week-long vendor fairs, educators quickly recognized the benefits of TTM’s powerful combination of fully adaptive instruction, live certified teachers, and an unmatched motivational system. To date, nearly 2,500 students have piloted the software throughout Utah including middle school schools in Logan, Tooele, and Juab.

“The various levels of support for the students embedded within TTM are amazing,” said Melody Andreasen, Special Education Department Chair at Clarke N. Johnsen Junior High School, Tooele, Utah. “The live teachers available during- and after-school hours is a bonus beyond belief.”

Designed to prepare students for the rigors of the Utah Core Standards, TTM continuously adapts to each student’s unique learning level so that students are always working on a personalized instructional pathway at the level where they can succeed. Think Through Math is the only math solution that includes instant online access to live, bilingual, teachers nearly 90 hours a week.

“There are students that have gone home and worked on TTM, even though it was not required,” said Andreasen. “They did this because they knew that if they got stuck on a problem, they still had access to a teacher and individualized help. What more could a student (or parent) ask for than a free home math tutor!”

“When students are stuck and have tried several ways to solve a problem but are still not getting it, they receive instant individual tutoring from certified U.S. math teachers who will work with them until they make a learning breakthrough,” said Louis Piconi, Founder of Think Through Math. “Live teachers provide 1:1 online differentiation – precisely when a student needs it. They’re the ultimate safety net.”

TTM also motivates students to do more math both during and after school with a uniquely 21st Century motivation system–a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The system is based on these ideas: set realistic goals, reward effort, and recognize success. One of the most powerful motivational experiences students have on TTM is participating in national competitions. Students at Bear River Charter School in Logan were in the Top 16 of the March Math Madness Competition in which 11,970 schools participated.

“Utah’s educators have been coming up to us to tell us how much students love Think Through Math, said Glen Zollman, VP Implementation of Think Through Math, who is attending the vendor fairs this week.  “They recognize that the program builds math muscle – thinking and problem solving skills – and that it motivates students to spend more time doing math and, best of all, to succeed.”

About Think Through Math

Think Through Math is a company of math teachers. At Think Through Math, we believe that success in mathematics transforms the way students perform in school and beyond. Created by teachers and technologists, we are driven to motivate students in unprecedented ways and have a vision of effective education: a powerful blend of web-based, adaptive instruction and on-demand, LIVE, state-certified U.S. teachers.

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