K2 Intelligence Opens New Cyber Security Practice in Tel Aviv

To deliver a cyber security strategy by powering and providing immediate response to any organization’s needs based on expert advice and assistance on cyber breaches

K2 Intelligence, a world leading risk management firm, today announced the opening of its cyber security practice in Tel Aviv, Israel, providing comprehensive and dependable cyber services for assessing, defending and improving its client’s cyber defense position as well as providing reliable mitigation and remediation security and defense solutions for organizations.

K2 Intelligence is an investigative consultancy firm that conducts due diligence, investigative and analytic advisory assignments all over the world. K2 Intelligence helps mitigate risk and maximize growth across the strategic, operational and reputational landscape.

Spain has suffered 54,000 cyber attacks and was listed in the top 10 European Cyber Attacks of 2013 and the number of American companies mentioning cyber security issues in its regulations has doubled in the last year. Cyber threats are part of the agenda.

According to Bruce Goslin, K2 Intelligence EMD and head of the Madrid office, “In K2 Intelligence we have been working for many years with state-of-the-art tools and leading experts on cyber security for both private and governmental organizations. The opening in Tel Aviv of a practice that specializes in cyber security highlights our firm belief that all companies and organizations should have a program to help them prevent any cyber security risk or threat they may be exposed to relating to intellectual property, industrial espionage, financial or personnel fraud or even organized crime.”

“We view the opening of our cyber offices in Tel Aviv as a major milestone to our service offering, one that positions us in the middle of the cyber hub center of the world, allowing us access to the most distinguished cyber security professionals that have served in both attack and defense capacity in the most advanced cyber security organizations in the world.” – Rotem Iram, K2 Intelligence COO

K2 Intelligence’s new cutting edge cyber practice supports clients on strategic engagements, from strategic defense program, design of intelligence center, investigations, incident response, penetration testing and social engineering, training and intelligence reports. The new cyber practice operating out of Tel Aviv, along with the investigative consultancy firms operating out of centers in Madrid, New York and London, deliver immediate response to an organization’s cyber needs and provide expert advice and assistance on cyber breaches.

About K2 Intelligence

K2 Intelligence is a corporate risks and investigative consulting firm founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Kroll, the founder of the business intelligence industry. Over 40 years Jules, Jeremy and their teams have built a reputation for investigative excellence and integrity, as well as independence, insight and superior performance. Applying cutting-edge technology and the most advanced intelligence gathering methods, K2 aims to embrace complexity and to relish new challenges.

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