Allen Shaheen

Allen Shaheen is Executive Vice-President, Data Services at Cognizant. He has been with Cognizant since early 2004 and has been part of the executive team that has grown the company from $350m in revenues in 2004 to over $18B in 2021.  Allen is also a founding board member (stepping down in 2020) of the Cognizant U.S. Foundation,  a non-profit organization established to fund STEM education and skills programs, public-private partnerships and other initiatives designed for high school graduates, community college and college students, military veterans and others in the workforce seeking specialized technical skills for digital technology jobs.

Previously, Allen was the global leader of Cognizant’s mergers and acquisitions and was Global Markets Leader of the company’s Enterprise Applications Solutions, Digital Engineering, and Quality Assurance groups.

Allen Shaheen

EVP, M&A – Cognizant


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