Climb Credit Launches Beta: ClimbTalent–New Skilled Talent Sourcing Platform to Help Employers Easily Hire Career-Switchers and Upskillers

The company, a pioneer of creating access to career-focused education through financing, is expanding to offer hiring solutions and career development resources.

NEW YORK, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Climb Credit, a mission-driven FinTech company focused on expanding access to career training, has announced today the launch of their new ClimbTalent platform, an initiative to connect talent from their upskiller and career-switcher community with employers, staffing companies, and recruiters looking to hire job-ready talent with diverse career and educational backgrounds.

Through ClimbTalent, Climb is leveraging their expertise and data from 8+ years in the career training space to help employers more quickly and confidently hire candidates with non-traditional tech backgrounds. They are partnering with companies hiring for software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and other tech positions, and connecting them with their vetted network of over 100,000 skilled members from more than 200 school alumni communities.

“When we learned that Climb had this huge network of upskillers who have pursued career training, we were excited to leverage that,” explained Collin Smith of The Data School New York. “We are really focused on hiring for skills over degrees, and it’s wonderful to have a network of people who are motivated enough to get a new skill mid-career—and who also have some level of work experience. Climb provides a consistent, high-quality conduit of candidates to our junior consulting program.”

The value of hiring candidates with non-degree career-focused credentials is becoming increasingly more apparent and popular among employers—in fact, over 80% of employers believe they should look at skills rather than degrees when hiring. Career training credentials are also a valuable and vital source to find a skilled, diverse group of candidates. After all, 60% of the US workforce does not have a college degree but still has the capacity for a high-wage job,1 and of those in the US who intended to pursue additional education after the COVID-19 pandemic, 59% preferred non-degree programs.2

However, roadblocks still exist for career-switcher alumni of skilled training programs. Employers do not know how to evaluate the quality of individual education providers, skills mapping between credential and job needs can be complicated, and because of these challenges, many employers default back to traditional degree requirements that auto-screens out thousands of skill-trained and job-ready candidates. 

With the launch of their talent platform, Climb will help companies to overcome these barriers and instead focus on skills needed to do the job. For skilled candidates, the platform offers job-ready resources like resume assistance, mentorship, and technical interview support to help alumni better tell the story of the skills they have and how they translate well to new roles.

“Over the years, we’ve been able to witness the positive impact that skill-based education can have on people,” said Casey Powers, CEO of Climb Credit. “After years of pursuing our mission to increase access to career-advancing education, we’re ready for the next step, to help their graduates enter careers and fill workforce gaps with strong, capable employees.”

Current positions open through ClimbTalent’s hiring partners include software engineering, data science, digital marketing, and more—and Climb is excited to continue expanding the number of opportunities available to career training graduates. Companies who wish to join ClimbTalent as a hiring partner can sign up at Career-switchers and alumni of career-training credentials can also sign up to view roles and apply here: Educational and training organizations who would like to have their graduates be considered for participation in the program can express interest here:



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