Datapeople: Software Is Improving Recruiting Workflow

According to Datapeople, recruiting software frees hiring teams up for strategy, encourages collaboration, eliminates guesswork, and reduces third-party recruiting.

“Although hiring team structures aren’t changing and team leaders remain mission-critical, recruiting software is transforming workflows for the better,” says Datapeople spokesperson Charlie Smith. “In five different ways, to be specific.”

One, there are fewer repetitive tasks. Recruiting software streamlines the recruiting process and automates a lot of the simple yet time-consuming tasks that recruiters and hiring managers perform, Datapeople says.

Two, hiring teams have more time for meaningful connection. Rather than managing document versions in Google Drive or emailing hiring managers, teams can collaborate on a single document, review highlights together, and build a stronger working relationship in general.

Teams can focus on high-touch, human moments and experiences with candidates, according to Datapeople. Junior recruiting team members, for example, don’t have to spin their wheels on low-level recruiting tasks. Instead, they can focus on high-touch tasks that help them develop their skill set.

Three, there’s less instinct and more hard data with recruiting software. Data science, or analytics, is becoming a must-have rather than a nice-to-have in all industries, including recruiting, says Datapeople.

Instead of operating on instinct and anecdotal evidence, hiring teams can use recruiting software to base decisions on their own real-world data. Because recruiting metrics illuminate in cold, hard numbers what they could only guess at before.

Four, recruiting software eliminates the need for third-party recruiters. Hiring team members are internal partners who understand company goals and how their teams work best and are uniquely suited to do a company’s recruiting, says Datapeople.

Five, recruiting software un-siloes hiring teams. With real-world data and more efficient processes, they get a seat at the table alongside human resources and other mission-critical teams.

“Recruiting software helps teams work better and more efficiently, empowering them,” says Smith. “It enables hiring teams to act as true partners in strategy and strengthen the company as a whole.”

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