K2 Integrity- Leading risk, compliance, investigations, & monitoring firm. Industry experts, tech-driven solutions, protecting clients’ operations, reputation, & security

The firm’s vast sector-specific knowledge positions it to continue delivering best-in-class risk mitigation solutions to clients in an ever-evolving landscape.

K2 Integrity is the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations and monitoring firm —built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams and supported by cutting-edge technology to safeguard clients’ operations, reputation and economic security. Blending deep industry experience with the highest level of subject matter, technical and policy expertise, the firm is recognized for its work by domestic and foreign regulators.

K2 Integrity works with public and private sector clients from strategy to execution to deliver customized end-to-end solutions across the eight key practice areas of financial crimes: compliance, strategic advisory, investigations & disputes, ESG certification &compliance, cyber risk management, training & certifications, crypto & digital asset solutions and national security.

The firm works closely with financial entities operating internationally in highly regulated, complex industries to evaluate their compliance frameworks to build, maintain and mature their anti-money laundering (AML), combating the financing of terrorism (CFT), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), risk management and regulatory compliance programs.

In addition, K2 Integrity leverages investigative tradecraft honed through decades of experience, the latest data analytics technology and artificial intelligence and its robust network of long-standing and trusted relationships with regulators, law enforcement, industry leaders and influencers to craft and execute risk mitigation strategies for clients.

K2 Integrity is headquartered in New York City, New York.

The Silicon Review reached out to Jeremy Kroll, CEO and co-founder of K2 Integrity, and here’s what he had to say.

Interview Highlights

Q. What does K2 Integrity’s innovation culture look like? What strategies are in place to encourage innovation in your company?

K2 Integrity is committed to creating continued learning opportunities for employees in all career stages. The firm encourages employees to expand beyond their practice areas, allowing for a variety of opportunities outside normal work streams.

To encourage innovation and collaboration, the firm employs an open-door policy across its global offices, encouraging younger employees to interact with senior leaders. New hires are paired with experienced leaders as part of K2 Integrity’s robust mentorship program. Employees of all levels are also offered the opportunity to attend conferences, building their personal knowledge bases and networks and gaining a greater understanding of the global risk sector.

Q. How does K2 Integrity guide clients through international regulatory enforcement and white-collar challenges?

The firm utilizes intelligence to inform risk mitigation strategies, helping executives and business owners further their business objectives. Serving as a trusted advisor and complex problem solver to business owners, boards of directors and C-suite executives, K2 Integrity works to mitigate risk across the corporate and family office spheres. As clients pursue strategic investments, including cross-border acquisitions and multinational investments, the firm helps them to navigate the changing physical and cybersecurity landscape in a way that embraces technological change while minimizing strategic risk.

Q. What innovative strategies does your company implement to assist your clients in meeting regulatory requirements and developing proactive and holistic compliance frameworks?

K2 Integrity employs both a reactive and proactive approach. As the risk management firm of choice, K2 Integrity partners with clients in a trusted advisor role to help solve their most complex problems. The firm works with data, technology and human behavior to assess, review, enhance, test and validate clients’ compliance programs and mitigate the risk to their businesses and reputations. Additionally, K2 Integrity guides clients’ responses to regulatory investigations and communications and designs remediation plans identifying compliance gaps.
Once the risk issue at hand is solved, the firm observes the clients’ other areas of operation for patterns of need. Once identified, the firm moves into research and development to proactively investigate risk levels and provide minimum viable products (MVP) to gauge interest in the value proposition.

Q. Tell us about the K2 Integrity team. What value do they bring to the company?

K2 Integrity is comprised of more than 300 employees across nine global offices in New York, Washington D.C., London, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Geneva, Doha and Abu Dhabi. Serving clients in more than 100 countries, the firm is fluent in more than 40 languages.
The team includes former senior government advisors, regulators, compliance officers, technology professionals, prosecutors, lawyers, intelligence professionals, forensic accountants, investigative journalists and academics. Each individual brings a unique set of risk management, investigative and advisory skills to the table, offering a 360-degree view into the risk landscape.

The firm leverages its unmatched multidisciplinary experience to develop cutting-edge solutions, stimulate business opportunities and shape global economic security. The perspective of a diverse team of varying backgrounds provides a unique ability to meet and exceed client goals when navigating complex regulatory landscapes across jurisdictions and identifying, managing and mitigating risk across a variety of sectors.

Q. Will K2 Integrity be expanding, bringing on any services that we should be aware of?

In alignment with the changing competitive landscape, K2 Integrity is constantly evolving its services to help its clients be prepared to face growing risks. With the rising public interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM),the firm is working with external technology teams, academic partners and its team of leading experts to build out its technical capabilities and offerings.

K2 Integrity is well-known for its decades of work experience and strong knowledge base, which the firm is leveraging to meet growing AI risks. K2 Integrity’s Chief Strategy Officer Juan Zarate co-founded Consilient, a company that leverages next-generation technology and best-in-class AML and CFT knowledge to address security and integrity needs and combat fraud.K2 Integrity’s vast sector-specific knowledge positions the firm to continue delivering best-in-class risk mitigation solutions to clients in an ever-evolving landscape.

Q. What is the future roadmap set for your company?

Over the next few years, K2 Integrity is focused on a period of growth and transformation, working with clients to combat emerging threats before they materialize. In response, the firm is focused on extending its services to new client bases and geographical regions, including the Middle East. K2 Integrity is employing a proactive approach to developing cutting-edge technology, relying on its valuable human capital in-house. On an as-needed basis, the firm is partnering with external leading experts to further strengthen its holistic services offering in helping combat business risks.

Q. What is your final message to The Silicon Review readers, your current and future clients and partners?

K2 Integrity is the risk management advisor of choice for the global public and private sector, serving Fortune 500 companies, central and global banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations, sports media and entertainment and more.
Actively recruiting leading experts of all career levels, the firm will continue to leverage its team of innovative problem solvers to offer the best-in-class, high-quality service to ensure optimal results for its global client base.

Jeremy Kroll | CEO & Co-founder

Jeremy Kroll is responsible for charting K2 Integrity’s growth strategy, including market development, strategic partnerships and acquisitions. In addition, Jeremy spearheads K2 Integrity’s technology initiatives, with an emphasis on cyber defense, information security and data analytics, helping the firm marry professional excellence with cutting-edge technology. With more than two decades of investigative and leadership experience, Jeremy has led K2 Integrity since its inception in 2009through its growth into an internationally recognized firm with offices across the globe.

“K2 Integrity is the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations and monitoring firm —built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams and supported by cutting-edge technology to safeguard clients’ operations, reputation and economic security.”

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