APDS Announces New Name: Orijin™

The ed-tech company’s new name reinforces the mission of creating pathways to sustainable employment for the justice impacted

Today, American Prison Data Systems (APDS), announces a major renaming effort to become Orijin. Like APDS, Orijin’s mission is to prepare every justice-impacted individual for sustainable employment. Through the company’s proprietary “Whole Learner Framework™” platform delivered through secure, turn-key tablet computers, Orijin provides motivational curriculum, assessments for personalized pathways, standards-aligned/evidence-based content, coupled with data for learners to attain enduring skills and become career-ready while incarcerated.

“American Prison Data Systems (APDS) was founded in 2012. Nearly ten years later, we’re still focused on ‘changing corrections for good’ but revitalizing our dedication and work with a new name called Orijin,” stated Orijin’s Co-Founder Arti Finn. “We’re thrilled about the new name, the new meaning behind it, and our continued work across the country to benefit justice-impacted communities.”

Orijin is the ORIGINal Ed Tech company that provides secure tablet computers connected to a robust cloud-based learning and communications platform to solve some of the most consequential challenges correctional facilities face across the U.S. The company helps corrections centers produce a return on investment, including:

  • Expanding Equitable Access
  • Maximizing Staff Impact and Efficiency
  • Reducing Costs
  • Improving Facility Culture
  • Delivering Individualized Career Pathways
  • Attaining Sustainable Post-Release Employment
  • And Reducing Recidivism

Orijin exists to work with correctional facilities and help transform them into educational facilities.

“Regardless of race, economics, age, or where someone came from, nothing should prevent access to education and rehabilitation for the justice-impacted,” said Harris Ferrell, Orijin’s Chief Executive Officer. “Orijin gives the people who need it most authorship of their life’s story, and — as they begin to rewrite it — to help them realize that the end of a sentence is where the new story starts; an Orijin story.”

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