Hult International Business School Partners with Regent Education to Streamline Processes and Improve Student Support

Regent Award Suite with Salesforce integration improves and automates financial aid processes to save time and better support students

Regent Education, a leader in SaaS-based financial aid and scholarship management solutions, announced today that Hult International Business School  is live with Regent Award Suite, including Regent Award for Salesforce. The new solution enables Hult to deliver better, more efficient financial aid processes that meet the needs of students and staff.
Hult International Business School is a global business school with unique financial aid processes. Previously, the school relied on manual processes and third-party services to process and disburse financial aid, but team members were looking for a solution that would allow them to spend less time on processes and more time supporting student needs. That’s where Regent Education comes in.
“Regent Education has been a game-changer for both our staff and for our students,” said Casey Sullivan, Director of Financial Aid at Hult International Business School. “Not only is the system intuitive and easy-to-use for staff, it also gives students clear visibility into where they are in the financial aid process.”
With compliance as a top priority for Hult, Regent Education has enabled the school to automate and standardize processes that were previously handled manually, saving staff time and helping them remain compliant, even as regulations change. Automation within Regent Education has also increased efficiency, freeing up financial aid staff to provide a higher, more personalized level of service to their students.
Hult also implemented Regent Award for Salesforce, which enables integration with Salesforce for Education, the school’s student information system (SIS). Integrating Salesforce with Regent Award provides Hult’s enrollment advisors with better visibility into where a student is in the process and if the student is missing information.
“Financial aid staff and enrollment advisors have a more holistic view of the student with Regent Award for Salesforce, as well as a more efficient way to communicate and collaborate,” said Sullivan. “It’s making everyone’s life easier and more efficient.”
“Congratulations to Hult International Business School on its successful go-live of our Regent Education solutions,” said Jim Hermens, CEO, Regent Education. “It’s exciting to witness the ways Hult is improving its financial aid processes, increasing collaboration between financial aid and enrollment management, and better meeting student needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”

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