Institute for Financial Integrity Launches to Safeguard the Global Financial System

The Institute for Financial Integrity (IFI) was launched today as an entity dedicated to protecting the financial system from illicit use and combating threats to collective security through cutting-edge research, education, and training. IFI’s mission is to ensure that financial integrity professionals and the organizations they support are well-informed, highly-skilled, connected, and effective. Global business executive Grant Kreft has been named CEO of IFI to lead the company’s growth and expansion.

“Risk never rests,” said Kreft. “Building on training programs and technology developed over many years by K2 Integrity and the Financial Integrity Network, IFI offers an expanded suite of solutions and services to help address evolving risks and build enterprise-wide cultures of compliance. I am excited to lead an organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of the financial system.”

“IFI will also bring together key leaders and stakeholders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to collaborate and share insights, lessons, and ideas to help educate and inspire the broader financial integrity community,” said Danny McGlynn, President and Chief Integrity Officer of IFI. “Over time our goal is to close the large gap between expectations set by AML/CFT and sanctions regime standard-setters and regulators and the ability of the financial integrity community to both inform and meet those expectations.” 

IFI’s proprietary platform DOLFIN®—the Dedicated Online Financial Integrity Network—is an innovative learning platform that equips financial integrity professionals with the continuing education, expert insights, resources, and tools needed to protect the integrity of the global financial system. The content featured within DOLFIN® is developed and maintained by preeminent risk management and financial crime experts, including former senior U.S. Treasury officials who helped design and spearhead the modern global counter-illicit finance regime.

K2 Integrity’s Danny Glaser, Global Head of Jurisdictional Services, and Chip Poncy, Global Head of Financial Integrity, have joined the Institute’s Board of Directors, and the Honorable Juan Zarate, Global Co-Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at K2 Integrity, will co-chair IFI’s Advisory Board with Poncy.

“In recent years the global counter-illicit finance mission has expanded in scope and complexity, and financial pressure campaigns have become increasingly important elements of national and global strategies to combat transnational crime, threats, and risks,” said Poncy. “IFI provides a much-needed opportunity for scenario-based and real-world training, collective learning, and dynamic knowledge sharing that is in line with the evolving threats and risks we face and manage together in the 21st century. I strongly encourage everyone in the financial integrity space to join DOLFIN® and contribute to making IFI’s vision a reality.”

A New Zealand native, Kreft has a strong track record of building and developing leading B2B enterprises both in the UK and the US. Prior to the Institute for Financial Integrity, Kreft was Vice President at SS&C Technologies, a leading cloud-based provider of financial services technology solutions. Prior to SS&C he served as Chief Revenue Officer at DialedIn. He began his career at Intuition, the world’s leading provider of financial services training, becoming Chief Executive of its North American division after five years in leadership roles.

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