As featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, NPR and other outlets, CreatorUp launched PalmerAI, a highly-successful, groundbreaking educational initiative aimed at providing voters with an immersive, interactive experience that transcends traditional campaign engagement.  

Now, CreatorUp is poised to make this technology accessible and affordable to all organizations seeking to engage their audiences.

Palmer AI:

The Palmer for President campaign’s immersive, interactive, visual, and audio-powered AI is on Palmer’s campaign’s website at Visitors to the website can ask questions about Palmer’s policy, values, and biographical background, and the Palmer.AI system will respond with lifelike verbal answers, providing a virtual face-to-face interaction that goes beyond the conventional experience of an ordinary website.

Palmer affirmed his dedication to using technology for the betterment of democratic processes, explaining, “I’d love to sit in the living rooms of millions of voters and talk with them, but since that’s not possible, Palmer.AI is the next best thing”. 

How it works:

The hyper-realistic Palmer.AI avatar employs “agents,” a new technology that offers a sophisticated system designed to bring digital interactions closer to real human conversation. The technology creates digital personas capable of engaging with visitors through conversational dialogue.

At its core, the Palmer.AI avatar utilizes state-of-the-art speech-to-text, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and respond to user inquiries. This allows the avatar to convert spoken language into text, understand the intent and context of inquiries, and generate responses that mimic human conversation.

The system is enhanced by Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), which aids in providing accurate and relevant answers. RAG combines generative AI’s ability to create responses with the capability to pull specific information from a database, ensuring the avatar’s answers are contextual and informed.

The avatar’s lifelike appearance and voice are made possible through live stream rendering, generating the avatar’s visual responses in real-time.

The avatar is tailored to the specific policies and positions supported by Palmer.  The avatar draws on a “corpus of information that contains his policies, things he has stated publicly, his professional history, or topics related to his campaign and the presidential election” said Gary Lue, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, CreatorUp.

CreatorUp makes the creation of custom AI avatars easy (and affordable)

CreatorUp partners with organizations to create responsible, affordable and user-friendly GenAI content experiences.

Case in point: Palmer spent time in a recording studio reading out different speeches to train the AI on his voice, supplied some hi-resolution photos of himself and shared documents describing his background and policies.  In just a couple of weeks, Palmer AI went live and started to deliver immediate results and impact.

In fact, starting this week, Palmer for President and CreatorUp will be selling personalized versions of avatars for $30,000 for anyone else who wants to buy and deploy the same technology on their own website. These can be purchased at

Looking ahead: The potential of AI avatars

“AI avatars will become ubiquitous “, says Mike Tringe, Co-founder and CEO of CreatorUp and the Daisy GenAI platform.  “I imagine that every candidate, teacher, leader, creator, website/app will have an AI avatar to help educate and inform their audiences and communities” continued Tringe.  AI avatars offer audience members to engage on their terms and timelines, unlike robocalls and other forms of (annoying) push notifications and messages.    

AI avatars are just one part of the suite of CreatorUp’s generative AI offerings

At, users can sign up to try CreatorUp’s generative AI platform, Daisy.  By aggregating and optimizing over 25 generative AI engines, Daisy allows users to create text, images, voiceovers, presentations, slides, and video avatars all in one easy-to-use platform.  

To assist the creative workflow process, multi-step prompts, or “Daisy Chains”, can be created to develop compelling multimedia content that leverage the engine’s that power Daisy.

Further, creative professionals are just a click away.  Schedule time with a prompt specialist, graphic designer, editor, writer etc, to further enhance and professionalize the content that you are looking to create.

Marketers, social media creators, educators, leaders and anyone looking to communicate with their audiences and communities can now easily leverage the power of generative AI to supercharge their multimedia communications.

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