BetterLesson Partners with Family Engagement Lab to Boost Engagement and Equity in Education

BetterLesson, a leading provider of high-quality professional development for schools and districts proudly announces its partnership with Family Engagement Lab, a national nonprofit and leader in the advancement of learning-centered family engagement. Through this collaboration, BetterLesson seeks to advance equitable educational opportunities for all through family engagement.

FASTalk, an innovative tool developed by Family Engagement Lab, revolutionizes family engagement by bridging classroom curriculum with at-home learning. This unique tool facilitates meaningful partnerships between teachers and historically underserved families by delivering engaging, curriculum-aligned at-home learning activities via text messages, tailored to each family’s preferred language.

The partnership is particularly impactful for BetterLesson K-12 school and district partners utilizing EL Education K-8 and Illustrative Mathematics curriculum. Family Engagement Labs’ curated activities seamlessly complement the curriculum, enriching the educational experience for both students and families.

“We are incredibly excited to launch our partnership with Family Engagement Lab and enhance our ability to bring high-quality, learner-centered resources to our district partners and the families they serve. Supporting meaningful connections between educators, students, and families is critical in addressing a key deficiency in our education system” – Matt Kennard, BetterLesson CEO

FASTalk’s platform not only promotes equity in education but also facilitates collaboration between teachers and families, ultimately driving improved student outcomes. Through personalized, language-accessible activities, families can actively participate in their child’s learning journey, regardless of background or English language proficiency.

“Our partnership with BetterLesson, centers the critically important yet often overlooked intersection of curriculum, professional learning, and family engagement. Together we offer a powerful opportunity to shift the way that school systems equip and support the most important stakeholders in a student’s learning journey, families and teachers.” – Vidya Sundaram, Family Engagement Lab Co-Founder and CEO

The collaboration between BetterLesson and Family Engagement Lab signifies a step towards promoting educational equity and strengthening the bond between schools, educators, and families. Together, they are looking to make an impact on student success and family engagement across diverse communities.

About BetterLesson

BetterLesson provides 1:1 virtual coaching and small-group professional learning to help educators create classrooms where students drive their own learning, exercise choice and ownership, and develop the personal agency they need to succeed. They provide job-embedded educator support across a wide range of topics including curriculum adoption and implementation, instructional leadership, inclusive and responsive practices, and flexible instructional models. BetterLesson has partnered with more than 57,000 educators across 47 states as well as D.C., Puerto Rico, and 12 countries internationally. The company hosts a growing library of evidence-based strategies reaching 500,000 educators monthly. BetterLesson values the pursuit of educational equity and is dedicated to ensuring every student—regardless of race, income, national origin, gender identity, ability or location—has access to an excellent education.

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