St. Mary of the Hills Students Participate in KidzToPros LEGO Robotics After-school Program

Principal Suzanne Banach is pleased to announce that St. Mary of the Hills School students have been participating in the KidzToPros LEGO Robotics After-school Program. 

Under the direction of instructors Sedanah Mashhour and Ibrahim Mousa, students in grades 4-7 have been working to create LEGO masterpieces. Participants meet regularly in the school’s science and math classrooms for a total of 10 weeks.

The inspiration for implementing the program came following a survey that allowed families and students to express their interests in a variety of extracurricular activities. STEM-based programs were identified as a common interest.

The program launched for the first year in March with 12 students participating.

The KidzToPros LEGO Robotics After-school Program combines LEGO elements with programmable bricks, motors and sensors to bring creations to life. Students discover, build, invent and tackle collaborative challenges as they explore product design and solve real-world problems. 

As part of the program, students learn basic coding concepts needed to program robots. As students progress, they learn how sensors and motors are used to collect data and accomplish tasks. Students work in pairs and use a set of instructions to construct the robots. The robots are then put through a series of tests and evaluated for possible adjustments. 

“Our newly implemented LEGO robotics program has been a great success,” said Principal Banach. “It has been great to see our students and teachers having fun while working on these STEM-based, collaborative projects. We hope to expand program offerings next year and welcome more eager robotics enthusiasts.” 

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